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Introduction to Biomedical Support, A Look at the Whole Child (online mini course for parents)

FREE WEBINAR: A parent's guide to supporting the unique and complex health of your unique and complex child. Are you the parent of a child with diagnosed with or signs of ASD, ADD/ADHD, OCD, PANS/PANDAS, SPD, anxiety, depression, etc? Do you feel there must be more that you can do to support them beyond behaviour and medications? Are you ready to go deeper and get to the root of your child's challenges, while helping them be as much of themselves as possible? Please join us for this free webinar with NeuroKids founder, Dr. Natalie Rahr, ND on Monday June 3, 2024! This webinar will be pre-recorded and hosted on the NeuroKids online course portal. Replay will be made available. Access instantly! Hosted by NeuroKids Canada



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