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Unlocking Your Child's Potential: A Parent's Guide to Holistic Autism Care

Holistic biomedical care for autism, parent's guide and support by a naturopathic doctor

Does This Sound Familiar? "My child struggles with meltdowns, social anxiety, tendency towards wanting to self harm in social environments" "I am constantly stressed and worried about whether I am providing the right support" "I can’t get him to go a whole day of school without having to be picked up" "He is non verbal so can't communicate what is wrong or what he wants, he's starting to really hurt himself and I'm a bit lost" "No one is getting sleep!" Why is holistic care important for Autism? ASD is not just a condition of the brain, it involves the entire body. Parents often struggle for years to understand their child's behaviour and worry about their child's development milestones. Too often there are overlooked or dismissed health patterns that can act as obstacles for your child if they are never addressed. Your child is unique, their care should be too Join us for a journey into whole health, to help your child thrive. Learn at your own pace. One module released per month for 6 months as we create this course with your input. STARTS May 15, 2024 Release Schedule Introduction Module: The Roots of Behaviour and Beyond. May 15, 2024 Nervous System Module: Meltdowns, Sleep and Stimming. June 14, 2024 Gut Health Module: Digestion 101 and thee Gut Brain Connection. July 17, 2024 Cellular Health Module: Providing the Brain with the Right energy. August 14, 2024 Immune Health Module: A Healthy Immune System. September 18, 2024 Conclusion Module: Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together. October 16, 2024 BONUS: Detoxing Safely and Troubleshooting BONUS: Co-Morbidities, More Than One Thing Going On




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