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Monthy Q&A: When to Seek Holistic or Biomedical Support for My Neurodivergent Child

I get asked often, how do I know when it's time to support my child? What are the signs that something deeper is going on that I can support in my neurodivergent child to help them thrive?

Here is the written list of some major signs that biomedical support can help:


Sleep issues

Trouble focussing

Digestive upset or constipation / loose stools / skipping days or pooping or hard to pass and small amounts / bloating / smelly gas

Appetite low, restrictive or picky eating

Aggression, self injury

Muscle coordination issues

Posturing or non-verbal gestures of possible pain and discomfort

Sensory processing issues

Energy swings, hyperactivity, low energy or low affect

Language development delayed or absent




Mood swings

and more...


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