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Helping Children and Families Thrive

Online  Family Services.

Celebrating Neurodiversity.

Biomedical Support for Complex Health and Behaviour Challenges at all Stages of Development.

Family Education and Support.

Biomedical support can immensely help children with complex challenges to thrive. Conditions like Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and other neurodevelopment concerns come with multiple unique gifts, and can also come with multiple unique health challenges. We address each child and family's needs with comprehensive and individualized care, through consultations, functional health testing and individualized test results interpretation and recommendation reports.

Biomedical support targets your child's health obstacles to help them learn, develop and thrive as best as possible throughout their lives.

Trusted by families for over a decade, NeuroKids employs the WHOLE CHILD, WHOLE FAMILY approach to care. Often treatment for the child with a diagnosis is overwhelming for a family. We work to provide you with clear and thorough guidelines, as well as allow you to proceed at you and your family's unique pace. Often parents find that they can also benefit from the testing provided, as well as from health and care recommendations provided for their child. Biomedical treatment can help address the WHOLE CHILD and the WHOLE FAMILY's needs.

Meet your biomedical doctor

Dr. Natalie Rahr, ND, BSc, FMAPS (cand)

Dr. Natalie Rahr is the founder of NeuroKids, a place for families to learn how to best support themselves and their children with the power of biomedical support and through a whole child and whole family approach. Dr. Rahr is deeply committed to helping children and families thrive through neurobehavioral and neurodevelopmental challenges.

As a BC licensed, MAPS (Medical Academy for Pediatric Special Needs) trained Naturopathic Physician, she has a strong focus on complex pediatric conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing disorders, ADD/HD, PANS/PANDAS, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, FAS and seizure disorders.

Other areas of focus include the connection between gut health and brain health, neurodegenerative diseases,  autoimmune conditions, stress and natural mental health, hormone balancing and preconception care.​

Autism biomedical doctor Dr. Natalie Rahr, ND
Holistic Autism Online Course For Parents

Unlocking Your Child's Potential: A Parent's Guide to Holistic Autism Care

New online course launching May 15th



Telehealth Visits

Functional Lab Testing

Individualized Test Interpretation

Family Education Programs and Resources

Limited In-Person Consultation

Family Appointments

NeuroKid's Biomedicine doctor, Dr. Natalie Rahr, provides thorough assessment of your child's unique and individual needs, as well as helping to put the puzzle pieces together for their health.


For Patients in BC and Quebec:

  • Virtual Naturopathic family appointments throughout the year

  • In-person visits available in Vancouver BC several times a year.

  • Covered by most extended medical benefits plans.

  • Please check with your insurance provider.

For families outside BC and Quebec: 

  • Family consults available for information purposes

  • Treatment will have to be accessed locally, where you live. These visits are conducted online.

Functional Lab Testing

Your child's health is multifaceted and challenges they face can be complex and require investigation.


  • Identify key factors contributing to their health challenges.

  • Comprehensive panels that go beyond basic blood work

  • Look deeper into unique biochemistry.

  • Testing looks at cellular metabolism, gut health, food sensitivities, gut function, gut lining health, infections, nutrient status, environmental toxins and genetic susceptibilities.

  • At home test kits to collect samples (urine, stool, blood from finger prick, hair or swab of inside cheek).


Some tests we use:

Organic Acids Test


IgG Food MAP

DNA Methylation Panel

Individualized Test Interpretation

  • Individualized health reports by NeuroKids' biomedicine doctor.

  • Identify unique needs

  • What to tackle first, where to go next, making a plan.

  • Order testing here and request a comprehensive interpretation of your results


  • If you have already done testing elsewhere, request an individualized interpretation of these results here.

Family Educational Programs

Unlocking Your Child's Potential: A Parent's Guide to Holistic Autism Care

New online course launching May 15th

Laughing Kids

Multifaceted Care, Testing And Support For Your Child's Unique Needs

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Down Syndrome
Sensory Processing Disorder
Immune System Imbalances
Healthy Conception and Pregnancy


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